Meet Our Team

The Georgia ENT Specialists Doctors

Providing the absolute best care to our patients is not a singular effort. Each day physician assistants, nurses, scheduling specialists, insurance experts and dozens of support staff work to make certain our practice is one of compassion, respect and above all, finds the solutions you seek.

At the heart of Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists are our four physicians: Dr. Stephanie Ambrose, Dr. Tyler DeBlieux, Dr. Robert Logan and Dr. Michael Poole. While their specialties are impressive, their accomplishments are equally so. Our physicians have pioneered new techniques, been published in medical journals, are routinely asked to speak at medical conferences as experts in their fields, and they always endeavor to make the most complex of treatments easily understood – even to the youngest of patients. 

Dr. Stephanie Ambrose

Dr. Stephanie Ambrose

Dr. Stephanie Ambrose brings her experience in Pediatric Otolaryngology to Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists joining Dr. Michael Poole at Savannah Pediatric ENT. Dr. Ambrose provides the region's only expertise in cleft lip and cleft palata corrective surgery. Learn more about Dr. Ambrose here.

Dr. Tyler DeBlieux

Dr. Tyler DeBlieux

Dr. Tyler DeBlieux specializes in disorders of the ear, nose and throat. He has special interests in sleep surgery, thyroid and parotid surgery and voice disorder surgery. Learn more about Dr. DeBlieux here.

Dr. Robert Logan

The first Otolaryngology resident in the Emory University/ Grady Memorial Hospital program, Dr. Logan also brought the first Otolaryngology laser to Savannah for surgical use.  Go here to learn more.  

Dr. Michael Poole

Dr. Poole is  dedicated in Pediatric Otolaryngologist and the only ENT physician in the U.S with a doctorate in microbiology. He is considered his specialty’s top expert in antibiotic treatment of ENT infections and has authored or co-authored several national and international guidelines concerning treatment of sinus and ear infections. You can learn more at Savannah Pediatric ENT. Meet the team.