About Our Practice

About our ENT Practice

Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists is more than just an ENT practice. We are a comprehensive group that can tackle the most difficult cases from children to adults. We have offices in Savannah, Pooler and Hinesville to better serve you. 

Georgia Ear & The Listening Center

If your hearing has started to affect your way of life or if you have a specific medical condition of the ear that requires specialized attention, we invite you to let our highly skilled Doctor's of Audiology and otolaryngologists work with you to reveal the help you need.

Pediatric ENT

Ranging in age from infancy to early adolescence, we approach each pediatric case with extreme care – applying our in-depth understanding and groundbreaking methods to ensure even our littlest patients receive the greatest attention.

Our Practice: History

Sight, smell, hearing, communication abilities and even facial appearance are all essential functions made possible by intricate systems found within the head and neck. Keeping these systems in optimum health requires expert, comprehensive care of the highest level. The kind of care you will receive at Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists.

In 1992, Dr. M. Miles Goldsmith and Dr. Malcolm D. Graham envisioned a center of excellence in Savannah dedicated to treatment of the ear, nose and throat and their many intricate functions. Today, that vision has grown into a comprehensive practice made up of Georgia Ear & The Listening Center, Savannah Pediatric ENT and Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery – better known as Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists.

When you hear ENT, or Ear, Nose & Throat, you likely think of those three isolated areas but the practice of Otolaryngology covers a much larger scope of patient conditions and needs. Hearing problems, dizziness, allergies, sinus issues, snoring, tubes or tonsils, cosmetic or reconstructive facial surgery, whatever your age or medical need, Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists is the center of excellence in Savannah.

We invite you to let our board certified Otolaryngologists, Dr. Stephanie Ambrose, Dr. Tyler DeBlieux, Dr. Robert Logan and Dr. Michael Poole dedicate their abilities and extensive knowledge for your greatest health and peace of mind.