Allergies and Voice Disorders

Combating Allergies And Voice Disorders

If you look back two or three years, are there certain months when your runny nose, sneezing and itching eyes seem to peak? Or do you find yourself constantly clearing your throat no matter the season? Maybe every time you eat or drink a certain something, you have a noticeable reaction? Then chances are, you are an allergy sufferer. Often times it’s hard to know if it’s a cold or if it’s allergies – but consistency is key. If the same symptoms spark up every March – or if the symptoms just never seem to go away, the first step to relief is to consult an allergy expert.

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Are You Allergic?

Dr. Robert Logan, Dr. Tyler DeBlieux and the team at Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists help diagnose all ENT conditions but also treat allergy patients from pediatrics to adulthood. If you show the common allergy signs and have a consistent history, we will perform a medical exam in order to determine if allergy skin testing is recommended for you. Based on the positive results of the skin test – meaning those antigens that caused a reaction – our physicians will then prepare a serum specific to your allergy needs. The serum is administered through a series of injections, given regularly over a prescribed period of time. At the end of the prescribed course, the serum will have prepared the immune system so that it can better fight your allergy-causing triggers and significantly lessen if not eliminate your symptoms.

Voice Disorders

In addition to a focus on allergy diagnosis and treatment, we also specialize in voice disorders. Patients in need of medical attention to address voice issues have either experienced acute onset of voice difficulties, had a hoarse sound to their voice for several weeks or, in many cases, are active smokers.

The solution can be as simple as speech therapy or learning better breathing techniques or it could require a surgical procedure for the best outcome. To determine your personal course of action, our team will talk with you to understand how you use your voice and how often. For example, someone who works in road construction and spends a majority of the day yelling to be heard will use his voice differently than a front desk receptionist.

Taking the time to get to know you, your lifestyle and your needs is just one of the many aspects that sets Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists apart. We listen, we take down your history, and we never assume a diagnosis. We engage in conversation, rather than simply talking ‘doctor’ talk that leaves you with unanswered questions. By doing so, we ensure you understand exactly what we’re thinking and what treatment we’re recommending every step of the way.

About Dr. Logan

A native of Savannah, Dr. Logan was the first Otolaryngology resident in the Emory University/Grady Memorial Hospital program. He also brought the first Otolaryngology laser to Savannah for surgical use. Learn more about Dr. Logan here.

About Dr. DeBlieux

Dr. DeBlieux specializes in disorders of the ear, nose and throat. He has special interests in sleep surgery, thyroid and parotid surgery and voice disorder surgery. Learn more about Dr. DeBlieux here.